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the blessing of an iffy health

I am blessed with health that needs a lot of work. Most people can do a lot to their body and never even notice it, actually that is not true, all bodies suffer, but some choose to wait a long time to actually show it. Not mine, it is a great measuring tool to see effects of foods, chemicals, stress,… so it it is really a blessing because it allows me to experiment, and through those experiments, cure myself and share that knowledge with others.
Since yesterday, I have had a trapped nerve, very painful and has as a side effect that it prevents me from sleeping. But, luckily, during my years of discovering great remedies, I have discovered a chinese oil, I got it from one of the Chinese acupunture centers in the UK, and they told me that in China, every one used to have this oil, it was known as a miracle cure. Unfortunately, this is now one of the things that the natural remedy witchhunt has now taken away, so it is not available anymore for sale. I still have about half a bottle, and I have been using only a few drops and the difference is already remarkable. There are so many great cures out there for all illnesses, it just takes time to find them.
It really has become like a treasure hunt to try and find them.
I will keep looking.

❤ Feel Good


Take your life back into your hands – a cure for cancer?

“There are no coincidences”

Jos is scientist, a true scientist, it’s in his veins and he uses science and research to help improve the lives of hundreds of people. He changed my life, from a depressed Chronic Fatigue sufferer with very limited mobility, into a smiling, healthy, living and curious human being.

His journey started when he was 18  years old, 2 ‘coincidences’ happened… his dad told him about an aunt, a nun, she had to have a severe operation in 1952, a long had to be taken away. But she couldn’t be anaesthetised, because she would not survive it as she a serious asthma condition. They had to find a different solution, in the form of a hypnotist that had to come over from America to put her under, with hypnosis. and it worked, not only that, but she recovered much faster than normal patients. So this started the curiosity.

another quite funny story happened when he was 18 years old, while in the army, he suffered from hemorrhoids. He visited his doctor and he was ready to give him an injection in his anus. With the scalpel in his hand, he told Jos that he would cut it out and it would take some time to heal. But being young and just having bought a motorbike, Jos didn’t really fancy that. So with his trousers around his ankles, he ran out of the doctors office and swore never to come back.

He resorted into visiting what other people called a ‘fake’ in those days (or even now) and he gave him a natural tincture and after about a month they were gone.

Jos started by studying 3 years of natural healing, hypnotherapist and so on. But for bread and butter, he was working at his parents electricity shop, he was born and raised in the electricity business. He studied robotics, electronics anything to do with circuits, machines and electricity.

So he fought a lot within, because he wasn’t sure he made the right choices in life. The only thing he knew is that he wanted to help people, expand their health and mind. But he also had to make a living, so he started with a fitness center, but not for body builders, but for people who want to shape their mind and body, the right way. But he wanted more. In those days, there were no real health centers around, it was all very new and not such a hype as it is now. So he kept studying and learning in America, Germany, got in touch with orthomolecular medicine, quantum field, germanic medicine, different theories, different people,… he came to the conclusion that a lot of the diseases were self- inflicted, people needed to be educated and learn how the body and the mind works.

“Don’t give up your driver’s seat – get off auto-pilot”

People are a lot on auto pilot, they don’t think anymore about what they do to their immune system by putting unhealthy foods on their plate, living unnatural rhythms, creating unhealthy conflicts in their relationships,… It is like a car, if you put the wrong fuel in a car, it will stop working or give you a very bumpy ride.

He met very inspiring and knowledgeable people, healers and doctors, with different success stories that people would call miracles, but miracles are only miracles because we don’t have the knowledge to explain them. With the experience and incredible knowledge that Jos has gathered over the years, he has been able to create his own ‘miracles’, helping hundreds of people. Not only with therapy, but also arming them with knowledge to live a healthy life.

His success stories with cancer patients are well-known and he keeps helping more and more.

In this video, you hear his story, his findings on what causes all of these modern diseases and how we can change this. He is one of the most honest people I have met with a true dedication to helping people.

If you want to get back into your driver’s seat, get in touch with Jos, you can contact him on  He is a very busy man, with a high demand schedule. So be patient, but he will get back to you.

❤ Feel Good

“Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop.”


“Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop.”

As a kid, I was always ill, throat infections, ear infections, colds, flu,… and for some reason I was always tired. Every Sunday, my mum and dad used to take us for bicycle rides, through the forest or somewhere in nature; to make sure we got plenty of exercise and fresh air. It would have been great, except that I always felt dead tired. I was always asking my dad: “Dad… can you carry me? I’m really tired”

Being a teenager wasn’t that much fun either. Same thing, ill a lot and always tired. And after years of antibiotics, tonsils taken out and various other side effects like IBS and no one ever having any answer to why I was so tired, it got to a point of no return.

At least that was what the experts had to say. I had reached a point where I was about as fit as a 99 year old. Barely able to walk up the stairs, not able to work anymore, depressed and useless… that was the emotion I felt most, utterly useless and a waste of space. It sure was a dark place.

After plenty of tests at the hospital, they finally put a name on it: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The professor who diagnosed me was one of the leading researchers in this field. and I remember it clearly as if it was yesterday… My dad and I were walking out of his office and I just had to ask this question. I said: “Please be honest with me. Will I ever get better?” –  His reply was this: “No… *big pause* … at most you can expect to regain 60 percent of what you were able to do before.”

Instantly, a fire just lit up inside of me. I was angry! I wasnt going to let this be the end of it! I was determined to beat this and this was the start of a long voyage, that took me to foreign places and brought me fascinating, magical and scientific encounters with people out there with a genuine gift and the desire to truly heal, people from all walks of life and very different beliefs. But they all had something to give to me: a little piece of the puzzle.

It was up to me to put all those puzzle pieces together, learn why I got ill in the first place and learn how I can get better. My individual path to health. And this journey, I will share more and more through Feel Good Space. Because that is what the puzzle pieces created.

My very own Feel Good Space. With health, love, inspiration and energy.

If you suffer from chronic fatigue and you want to have a talk, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Just remember, I can only tell you what I experienced, it will be up to you to find how this can help you.

❤ Feel Good