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It is a wonder what we go through every day, not only in our own lives, but think about all the hidden stories your fellow human beings go through. I am sitting here, ready for work, just having breakfast and I know that at this very moment, a friend of mine, her fiancee is in the hospital, so they are surrounded by a powerful whirlwind of emotions and unknowns.

On this planet, there are so many lives, some are experiences great suffering and some are experiences great joy at this moment. Like a baby being born, falling in love, … all these lives, living together, often not having a clue of what the other is going through, good or bad.

So I decided to take a moment and stand still. And just share a thought with every one who needs it.

❤ Feel Good


“The world isn’t Black or White. Be the color you want to be”

“The world isn’t Black or White. Be the color you want to be”



In my previous post, I promised that I would share with you my voyage. I won’t be sharing it in a linear way, I will give my inspiration the freedom to share what is in my heart today.

I was working on Feel Good Space’s facebook and as part of that, looking for strong, inspirational video’s. I came across this one:

An inspirational video about how it is ok to be introvert, even though today’s world isn’t always as embracing towards the more quiet and timid. The ones that live in their own world. It’s ok, more than ok, it holds treasures of it’s own. Deep gems.

I consider myself to be an extrovert/introvert. Growing up, at school, I was always an introvert, and that made hard to make friends, so I ended up a lot of time on my own. quiet, polite, a great observer. Now, when I went to school, that was what they liked to see. Quiet, polite children who just got on with it and studied. In today’s world however, this is completely different. My little niece is a lot like me, she is very quiet, will always observe from a distance. This seems to worry teachers and parents. When it shouldn’t. Because that world of their own, creates so much power and knowledge. The power of observation and solitude leeds to diplomacy, vision, open mindedness and it’s where true passion comes from! It is how you discover who YOU really are!!! So please, let your children discover who they really are.

Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to have friends. Especially as a teenager, I recall those nights where I felt so utterly alone, no where to go, no one to call, and yes, I was lonely. But would I do it differently? no, it made me into who I am. and you know, I really do like me.

That introverted little girl was the source to why I am such a great interviewer, the source of my integrity and honesty. And because it is so deeply rooted, people feel that. They pick on it. And when you find your extroverted side (or force yourself to find it, because you are so passionate that you know that is the only way to reach your goals) – then you will shine and strike that balance between in and extrovert.

❤ Feel Good