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Deciding between careers

It’s Hermann Rorschach’s 129th birthday today and since Google enticed me to want to learn a little bit more about this inventive man, I read his bio on Wikipedia.

Turns out that, just like so many of us, he didn’t know what to choose as a career, art or science. Something a lot of us are faced with. It’s funny, you see people go to work everyday, not realising what internal struggles and sacrifices went on before they decided to go for that one job.

There is something wrong with how this is set up though, think about it… people have gifts and talents, many of those unique and powerful. Instead of harnessing that power on the workfloor, we try to make every one fit in a little restricted box, filtering the potential so it is only able to shine in one direction. And there… we lose a lot, because it is just that combination, of that individual that can be a breakthrough and a success for the company. Mr. Rorschach being a perfect example of this, he saw a way to combine his talents and that is what really put him on the map.

Luckily, there are those managers amongst us that try to poke little hole’s in the restricted box, allowing individuals to shine in the most unlikely places. Shine on!