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Health is a journey from the middle of (k)nowhere

Anyone who has dealth with severe disease and has overcome it, knows that health is a journey.
A journey where you get dropped in the middle of knowhere (not a spelling mistake 😉 with misleading roadsigns.

When you become ill, it usually happens gradually, you start feeling more tired, you have more ups and down, you get depressed.
And all of a sudden, before you even realize it, your life has become this dark place filled with hospitals and white coats.
No answers, just test and more tests. If one thing doesn’t work, we will try another.
But all that time, you feel yourself wondering, why? Why has this happened to me? Why am I now such a burden on my family? Why me?
What is wrong with me?
And that question never seems to get answered.

Sometimes there are answers for the symptoms, but not why they arose in the first place.
So you wait, you wait for someone to give you anwsers.

And finally you get the answers, but it might not be what you expected. You get an answer telling you there is nothing more they can do, you will never get better.
Or you get an answer that you might hope to be 60% of what you ever were.
The masters of your universe have spoken and told you that you should just face it, nothing more to do.
The little pills will keep you going just enough so you can survive in your dark place and learn to cope with it.

So then you start thinking, why? Why does it have to be like this? Who gives them the right to tell me that?
And you are faced with a choice, accept that the dark room will be the place where you spend your eternity, or, you take a journey, a journey into the unknown, towards the light that you know is there, but just can’t see.

❤ Feel Good