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When did relationships stop being exclusive by default???

Sometimes I don’t get this country. Apparently somewhere in the last few years, relationships are not exclusive by default. You actually have to ask or set the terms in advance.
So what does that mean?

You are a young girl, growing up in a slightly messed up society where material has become more important than anything else. Magical things like christmas have been ruined by how big and expensive the gifts are. Every other teenage girl that you see on tv or in magazines looks like they just stepped out of a machine that shrinks their clothes 4 sizes so that boobs and ass are practically all you see, draped with some layers of make up and not to forget that fabulous feature ringtone of trying to sound the most stupid possible. OMG! You betcha, I said it girl!

So you, as the young girl, trying to find your place in the world, trying to find ‘love’, you think that is what you need to do to attract boys, you need to reduce your clothes, pile on the make up and definitely reduce your brain. Cause that’s the perfect girl, practically naked, painted and fake and utterly stupid. Ow yes, and throw in some pouty lips and acting like a three year old, that seems to be the way forward…

You are a teenage boy, all you see, is buffed up guys, being the man, trying to concur as many girls as they can while ‘learning’ to drink. After all, that is what it is to be a man isn’t it? You are ‘hard enough’ if you can pick up a few pints of alcohol so you can act like a buffoon while jumping from one girl to another.

I am very lucky, I come from a time where we still knew what love meant, back then, we could go out in jeans and a t-shirt, we could just have a chat with a boy without shoving our tongues in each other mouth (or worse). Back then, we got to know each other and by default, we were exclusive from the moment you started dating. Back then, if you were dating 2 girls at once, you were considered to be an a**hole, and rightly so. If you can’t even have the dignity to get to know one person at a time, what hope is there for you to ever discover real love, since you can’t even manage respect ?

Love is about caring, support, magic, genuine growing together, mutual respect, discovering each other. That thrill of that first kiss, holding hands, making love… all of that, is being robbed from the teenagers now. Those sensations are gone, all they have been replaced with are empty, short term indulgences. (go book your tickets to Magaluf now!)

Don’t let it die, don’t be influenced by those airheads on tv and don’t be drawn in by bitter losers, who tell you that love doesn’t exist. They might look like they have everything, but in truth, they will never discover the ultimate treasure and richness in this life, and that is true love. Once you discover that, you know that nothing else compares.

good luck!


Share a thought

It is a wonder what we go through every day, not only in our own lives, but think about all the hidden stories your fellow human beings go through. I am sitting here, ready for work, just having breakfast and I know that at this very moment, a friend of mine, her fiancee is in the hospital, so they are surrounded by a powerful whirlwind of emotions and unknowns.

On this planet, there are so many lives, some are experiences great suffering and some are experiences great joy at this moment. Like a baby being born, falling in love, … all these lives, living together, often not having a clue of what the other is going through, good or bad.

So I decided to take a moment and stand still. And just share a thought with every one who needs it.

❤ Feel Good

Communication – the basics

Communication is based on understanding.

It’s 2-ways and it is used as a tool to make sure you are understood AND to make sure that you understand the person you are communicating with.

I love communication, because to me, it’s an art. It’s flexible, you can experiment with it, you can use it creatively and most of all, you can analyse it! and THAT is the real key to successful communication. Your capability of analysing and using that analysis to optimise your communication.

Why do you need to be a good communicator? Well, unless you want to spend eternity in a dark cave with no creatures around you, just waiting to die, you will need to interact with people. Why? To get help, to achieve dreams, to become one with a special person, in essence, to be happy. Think about it, from ordering a bowl of rice to discussing your deepest fears, to closing important business deals, you need communication.

And… it’s one of those things isn’t it, it’s super hard and at the same time, it is really easy.

How does that work?

Well communicating is knowing how to express yourself clearly enough so that the other person actually understands you, and vice versa, understanding a person expressing her/himself to you.

But, you are dealing with people and, if you havent noticed yet, every individual is different. So you need to learn to adapt your communication to individuals and there lies the trick.

That is why I said that analysing is the real basis of communication, because only through analysis can you truly learn to communicate.

Some of us are naturals, you could consider us the shamans of communication, there is a deep intuition and understanding inside of us, so it seems effortless. But, every one can learn, if they are willing to learn. You have to become a scientist. Analyse and experiment and soon you will be able to see the results, you will see yourself grow. Wether you want to grow in the field of business, personal relationships, technical communication,… anything can be achieved by these 2 secret ingredients: analysis and experimenting.

where do you start?

With a little role-playing game. First step is to become a listener, an observer. You look at interactions and try to define all the elements. Look at a family discussion. Ever had 2 family members bicker about television, politics, the news or religion? These little discussions can teach you a lot. So for the first step… just do that, take week of just observation.

Good luck

❤ Feel Good

You are the creator of your day!


“you are the creator of your day!”

It took me a while to realize what that meant and to an extent I am still learning what that really means. In my mind, I have always been a strong believer in taking responsibility, being independent and not letting anything or anyone else influence my life.

When it came to the outside world, I think i have managed pretty well. All the knocks of life did some damage at the time, but they shaped me into a better, and improved me.

But, only recently I am starting to discover to what extent I am responsible for my own life. I actually hold the power to CHOOSE what I want to do, be, experience in this world. There is really nothing that I ‘have’ to do, they are all choices.

I can choose to go to work every day, I can choose to make that into a duty, something I feel like I have to do, and I can choose to lie to myself a little every day. Or, I can choose to truly believe what so many successful people have discovered and learn what I love. and choose to do what I love. And make that the start of another exciting voyage to embark on.

What I have always done, naturally, without effort and without realizing it, is inspiring people. And finally I love myself enough to truly see that. The hundreds of message on youtube or facebook, never really made that click, but now I see that I do have the possibility to inspire others. and the great thing is, I can do it by just being me. I don’t have to be an expert, I don’t have to put myself on a pedestal, I can just be me.

That is what I love about me, I can keep that humility but still be strong, be true to myself, have faith in myself and create a powerful force, just being true to the love in my heart.

Feel Good Space is all of that, helping you find your space, discover who you really are and then learn to discover the beauty in you, your power that will lead to you creating a space for yourself that you are truly happy in.

Feel good Space will show you my inspiration, my influences, my discoveries and you can observe them and make them into your own. and that is the key, make them into your own!

What is empowering for me, might not always be empowering for you, but following my discoveries and how I made those realizations, THAT will be what can help you to make your own realizations.

I am creating my life’s masterpiece, with my brush, my paint, my strokes. You are creating your masterpiece, make sure you do it on your canvas, with your brush and your unique blend of colors!