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You are the creator of your day!


“you are the creator of your day!”

It took me a while to realize what that meant and to an extent I am still learning what that really means. In my mind, I have always been a strong believer in taking responsibility, being independent and not letting anything or anyone else influence my life.

When it came to the outside world, I think i have managed pretty well. All the knocks of life did some damage at the time, but they shaped me into a better, and improved me.

But, only recently I am starting to discover to what extent I am responsible for my own life. I actually hold the power to CHOOSE what I want to do, be, experience in this world. There is really nothing that I ‘have’ to do, they are all choices.

I can choose to go to work every day, I can choose to make that into a duty, something I feel like I have to do, and I can choose to lie to myself a little every day. Or, I can choose to truly believe what so many successful people have discovered and learn what I love. and choose to do what I love. And make that the start of another exciting voyage to embark on.

What I have always done, naturally, without effort and without realizing it, is inspiring people. And finally I love myself enough to truly see that. The hundreds of message on youtube or facebook, never really made that click, but now I see that I do have the possibility to inspire others. and the great thing is, I can do it by just being me. I don’t have to be an expert, I don’t have to put myself on a pedestal, I can just be me.

That is what I love about me, I can keep that humility but still be strong, be true to myself, have faith in myself and create a powerful force, just being true to the love in my heart.

Feel Good Space is all of that, helping you find your space, discover who you really are and then learn to discover the beauty in you, your power that will lead to you creating a space for yourself that you are truly happy in.

Feel good Space will show you my inspiration, my influences, my discoveries and you can observe them and make them into your own. and that is the key, make them into your own!

What is empowering for me, might not always be empowering for you, but following my discoveries and how I made those realizations, THAT will be what can help you to make your own realizations.

I am creating my life’s masterpiece, with my brush, my paint, my strokes. You are creating your masterpiece, make sure you do it on your canvas, with your brush and your unique blend of colors!