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the blessing of an iffy health

I am blessed with health that needs a lot of work. Most people can do a lot to their body and never even notice it, actually that is not true, all bodies suffer, but some choose to wait a long time to actually show it. Not mine, it is a great measuring tool to see effects of foods, chemicals, stress,… so it it is really a blessing because it allows me to experiment, and through those experiments, cure myself and share that knowledge with others.
Since yesterday, I have had a trapped nerve, very painful and has as a side effect that it prevents me from sleeping. But, luckily, during my years of discovering great remedies, I have discovered a chinese oil, I got it from one of the Chinese acupunture centers in the UK, and they told me that in China, every one used to have this oil, it was known as a miracle cure. Unfortunately, this is now one of the things that the natural remedy witchhunt has now taken away, so it is not available anymore for sale. I still have about half a bottle, and I have been using only a few drops and the difference is already remarkable. There are so many great cures out there for all illnesses, it just takes time to find them.
It really has become like a treasure hunt to try and find them.
I will keep looking.

❤ Feel Good