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Communication – the basics

Communication is based on understanding.

It’s 2-ways and it is used as a tool to make sure you are understood AND to make sure that you understand the person you are communicating with.

I love communication, because to me, it’s an art. It’s flexible, you can experiment with it, you can use it creatively and most of all, you can analyse it! and THAT is the real key to successful communication. Your capability of analysing and using that analysis to optimise your communication.

Why do you need to be a good communicator? Well, unless you want to spend eternity in a dark cave with no creatures around you, just waiting to die, you will need to interact with people. Why? To get help, to achieve dreams, to become one with a special person, in essence, to be happy. Think about it, from ordering a bowl of rice to discussing your deepest fears, to closing important business deals, you need communication.

And… it’s one of those things isn’t it, it’s super hard and at the same time, it is really easy.

How does that work?

Well communicating is knowing how to express yourself clearly enough so that the other person actually understands you, and vice versa, understanding a person expressing her/himself to you.

But, you are dealing with people and, if you havent noticed yet, every individual is different. So you need to learn to adapt your communication to individuals and there lies the trick.

That is why I said that analysing is the real basis of communication, because only through analysis can you truly learn to communicate.

Some of us are naturals, you could consider us the shamans of communication, there is a deep intuition and understanding inside of us, so it seems effortless. But, every one can learn, if they are willing to learn. You have to become a scientist. Analyse and experiment and soon you will be able to see the results, you will see yourself grow. Wether you want to grow in the field of business, personal relationships, technical communication,… anything can be achieved by these 2 secret ingredients: analysis and experimenting.

where do you start?

With a little role-playing game. First step is to become a listener, an observer. You look at interactions and try to define all the elements. Look at a family discussion. Ever had 2 family members bicker about television, politics, the news or religion? These little discussions can teach you a lot. So for the first step… just do that, take week of just observation.

Good luck

❤ Feel Good