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When did relationships stop being exclusive by default???

Sometimes I don’t get this country.¬†Apparently somewhere in the last few years, relationships are not exclusive by default. You actually have to ask or set the terms in advance.
So what does that mean?

You are a young girl, growing up in a slightly messed up society where material has become more important than anything else. Magical things like christmas have been ruined by how big and expensive the gifts are. Every other teenage girl that you see on tv or in magazines looks like they just stepped out of a machine that shrinks their clothes 4 sizes so that boobs and ass are practically all you see, draped with some layers of make up and not to forget that fabulous feature ringtone of trying to sound the most stupid possible. OMG! You betcha, I said it girl!

So you, as the young girl, trying to find your place in the world, trying to find ‘love’, you think that is what you need to do to attract boys, you need to reduce your clothes, pile on the make up and definitely reduce your brain. Cause that’s the perfect girl, practically naked, painted and fake and utterly stupid. Ow yes, and throw in some pouty lips and acting like a three year old, that seems to be the way forward…

You are a teenage boy, all you see, is buffed up guys, being the man, trying to concur as many girls as they can while ‘learning’ to drink. After all, that is what it is to be a man isn’t it? You are ‘hard enough’ if you can pick up a few pints of alcohol so you can act like a buffoon while jumping from one girl to another.

I am very lucky, I come from a time where we still knew what love meant, back then, we could go out in jeans and a t-shirt, we could just have a chat with a boy without shoving our tongues in each other mouth (or worse). Back then, we got to know each other and by default, we were exclusive from the moment you started dating. Back then, if you were dating 2 girls at once, you were considered to be an a**hole, and rightly so. If you can’t even have the dignity to get to know one person at a time, what hope is there for you to ever discover real love, since you can’t even manage respect ?

Love is about caring, support, magic, genuine growing together, mutual respect, discovering each other. That thrill of that first kiss, holding hands, making love… all of that, is being robbed from the teenagers now. Those sensations are gone, all they have been replaced with are empty, short term indulgences. (go book your tickets to Magaluf now!)

Don’t let it die, don’t be influenced by those airheads on tv and don’t be drawn in by bitter losers, who tell you that love doesn’t exist. They might look like they have everything, but in truth, they will never discover the ultimate treasure and richness in this life, and that is true love. Once you discover that, you know that nothing else compares.

good luck!